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Helping keep children safe

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e-Safety for schools and parents

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A new e-safety service that works on all PCs, tablets and smartphones

Helps to keep all learners safe in a fully adaptable and age-appropriate way – whether they’re at school or at home.

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Enable optimal learning outcomes while developing ‘responsible and aware’ Internet users, ensuring that your school provides a fully e-safe environment at all times, in an affordable and flexible way.

Helping keep school students safe, wherever they are, with a solution that works across all the main desktop and portable platforms – on and off the school network.

Easily tailor e-safety teaching to student needs to meet new curricula requirements and keep them on task in the classroom by understanding how and when they use their devices.

Support your children and encourage them to stay safe online by helping them to better understand the issues, while keeping aware of their online activity and where they are.

How It Works

Better understanding of e-safety needs

The unique Point2Protect e-safety service provides you with exclusive access to Qustodio for Schools. This small, secure app installed on each desktop or mobile device delivers overview data to a central online portal, where easy-to-read reports enable you to better understand how those devices are being used – at any time of the day, both inside and outside the school gates.

Alongside this technology, in-depth guidance (created for us by the UK Safer Internet Centre) helps you to see how you can start to involve the whole school community in a new understanding of how students engage with the Internet and their ever-evolving e-safety needs.

Optimal age-appropriate guidance

The Qustodio for Schools portal provides a simple overview of any devices you choose to group together under a profile. Schools can create customised profiles to manage large numbers of devices across a range of platforms, user age groups and/or learner profiles, for example. The summary view enables you to see how those devices are being used and ensure that appropriate restrictions are in place. If necessary, you can also zoom in to see an individual device, tracking activity and contacts.

The guidance and templates provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre pull all this information together to inform your school’s e-safety training and teaching needs, which subsequently enables more effective intervention and classroom discussion.


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SWGfL Boost for schools


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Full access to Qustodio for Schools plus detailed e-safety guidance and curriculum resources from the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Designed for parents: Qustodio Family and clear e-safety guidance written for parents by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

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Boost your school’s e-Safety with this collection of apps, tools and services from the expert team at the South West Grid for Learning.

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Point2Protect helps you tackle the issue of e-safety in a more efficient and effective way – both inside and outside the school gates:

Point2Protect provides schools and parents with an easy-to-use, flexible and affordable subscription service that helps keep learners safe in a fully adaptable and age-appropriate way.

Please visit this page on the Qustodio site to see what is monitored on iPad and iPhone devices


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